Available Software

A large number of software packages are available on the cluster, and for some of them, multiple versions of the same package. Software packages that are available on the cluster include:

Package Name Versions Tap Module
Notes Description Categories Comments
Aria 2.2 aria     Aria Built against CNS 1.21, GNU compilers
Bio-BWA 0.6.2 bio-bwa bio-bwa   Burrows-Wheeler Aligner Biology,
Boost 1.47.0 boost boost   Boost C++ libraries Programming,
Bowtie 2.10 bowtie bowtie/2.10   Bowtie ultrafast short read DNA aligner Biology,
BLAST 2.2.28 blast-new blast/2.2.28   BLAST: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool Biology,
2.2.25 blast blast/2.2.25 default
2.2.18 blast-old blast/2.2.18  
Matlab 2013b matlab2013b matlab/2013b latest Matlab Numerical computing environment Numerical methods,
Many modules available
2012b matlab2012b matlab/2012b  
2011b matlab2011b matlab/2011b  
2011a matlab2011a matlab/2011a  
2010b matlab2010b matlab/2010b  
2009b matlab2009b matlab/2009b deprecated
Perl 5.16.3   perl/5.16.3 non-threaded Perl scripting language Programming Many modules available
5.16.3   perl/5.16.3/threaded threaded
5.8.7   perl/5.8.7 default
VASP 5.2.11 vasp5211 vasp/5.2.11 default Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package Chemistry HPCC only; requires licensing
5.2.11 vasp5211ncl vasp/5.2.11-noncollinear supports non-collinear calcs
5.2.2 vasp522 vasp/5.2.2  
5.2.2 vasp522tst vasp/5.2.2-VTST2.03d w Transition State Tools
4.6 vasp46 vasp/4.6  
4.6 vasp46tst vasp/4.6-VTST2.03d w Transition State Tools