The Bluecrab HPC cluster

The Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (or MARCC for short) is a shared computing facility located on the Bayview Campus of Johns Hopkins University and funded by a State of Maryland grant. MARCC is jointly managed by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland College Park.

Bluecrab is the main cluster at MARCC with over 19,000 CPU cores and a combined theoretical performance of over 900 TFLOPs. The compute nodes are a combination of Intel Haswell and Ivy Bridge processors and Nvidia K80 GPUs (supporting CUDA compute capability 3.7) connected via FDR-14 Infiniband interconnects. It also features two types of storage: 2 PB Lustre (Terascala) and 15 PB ZFS/Linux.

About 15% of the resources for MARCC/Bluecrab have been reserved for use by the University of Maryland, and the University HPCC Allocations and Advisory Committee (AAC) will allocate these resources among proposals submitted to the committee. The UMD portion of the HPCC is about 6000 kSU per quarter.

More information about MARCC and the Bluecrab HPC cluster can be found at the MARCC web site. The following hardware information is provided for your convenience:

Description Processor Number
of nodes
Cores/node Total cores Memory/node
GPUs/node Interconnect
std compute node dual Haswell, 2.5 GHz 676 24 16,224 128 5.3 0 FDR infiniband
std compute node (2) dual Broadwell, 2.6 GHz 48 28 1,344 128 4.6 0 FDR infiniband
Dell R920 quad Ivy Bridge, 3 GHz 50 48 2,400 1024 21.3 0 FDR infiniband
Dell R730 dual Haswell, 2.5 GHz 48 24 1,152 128 5.3 2 FDR infiniband
new GPU nodes dual Broadwell, 2.6 GHz 24 28 672 128 4.6 2 FDR infiniband
TOTALS   846   21,792        
The MARCC/Bluecrab cluster is maintained by MARCC staff, not the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland. Therefore, the MARCC website should always be considered the definitive source of information about MARCC and the Bluecrab cluster. Any information provided on this UMD website is provided as a convenience to our users, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or currency. In case of discrepency, you should assume the MARCC website is the correct one.