Last modified: Fri Aug 25 13:23:42 1995

Glue WWW Services

Server Feature

User Homepage
To create a personal homepage, create a file called $HOME/public_html/Welcome.html (see Howto section on creating HTML document). Your homepage can be accessed with url
Also make sure your public_html directory is readable by anyuser by doing: 'fs setacl $HOME/public_html system:anyuser read' if your home directory is in AFS or 'chmod o+r filename' for every file in your public_html directory if it's in NFS.
Department Homepage
Please do a request and we'll setup a WWW server to suit your departemental needs
Directory Listing
Directories on Glue AFS can be accessed using url
Cgi Binaries
with the help of mapedit, imagemap is a snap
image mapping ncsa/apache style

How To:

Create HTML document
Create an interlace GIF
cat foo.gif | giftoppm | ppmtogif -interlace > foo-interlace.gif
Create a transparent GIF
Create an image map
The easiest way is to use mapedit (type mapedit after tapping www). Look at the documentation for info on using it.


To access these programs you need to tap www first
Netscape aka Mozilla
from Netscape corporation. To run: netscape
the classic, to run: Mosaic
most popular line mode browser. To run type lynx